Unified Partnership Registry

The Office of Partnerships and Grants was established in 2019 to engage private and public sector partners in creating quality educational experiences for students and their families. During the 2020 Pandemic, new and existing partnerships provided invaluable resources that helped meet the diverse needs of our district communities during such extraordinary circumstances. Inspired by their commitment to our district, this office will continue to guide and support all who are invested in making LA Unified a “progressive global leader in education, providing a dynamic and inspiring learning experience where all students graduate ready for success” in a post pandemic world that is yet to be created.
To better serve the partnership needs of our schools, we have developed the Unified Partnerships Registry, an on-line tool that helps school leaders identify, establish, and evaluate partnership services with support from our district experts. For the purposes of this registry, partners are defined as individuals, businesses, non-profits, and other organizations that would like to establish a relationship with our district. Sponsors, donors, grantors, and vendors who go over and above their vendor contracts in supporting the needs of our students and their families are considered partners. Please contact us at partnership@lausd.net for assistance.
How do you define a sponsor, grantor, and donor?
  • Sponsors: Individuals, businesses, non-profits, higher education institutions and other outside organizations that in exchange for sponsor recognition provide material goods or services such as free training, labor, facilities modifications, or other resources to LA Unified in supporting the needs of our students and their families.
  • Grantor: An individual or an organization that makes a contribution in cash, services, and goods that benefit our LA Unified students and their families. They typically require an application or proposal to be submitted for approval.
  • Donor: Individuals, businesses, nonprofits and other organizations that provide charitable gifts of funds, goods, or no cost-services for the benefit of our students and their families. Administrators may accept donations of cash, services, equipment, or real property only if they are for the legitimate use in the school program and if they are gifted without return consideration (quid pro quo). It is a gift given to our LA Unified schools with no expectation of a measurable benefit to the donor. Please refer to district bulletins and reference guides that pertain to sponsorships, grants and donations policies and guidelines.

    REF-055300-Tax Implications on Employee Receipts of Gift Cards, Tickets, and Other Fringe Benefits, August 27, 2018
    BUL-5895.2-Donations, August 27, 2018
    BUL-6876.1-Sponsorship and Solicitation Guideline, April 12, 2019
If you would like to purchase professional services from district approved vendors, please refer to the procurement website for guidelines and resources.
The Unified Partnership Registry Catalog
The LA Unified Partnership Registry provides principals with a catalog of district partners. To ensure the Unified Partnership Registry Catalog includes current partnerships providing services at our district school sites, principals or their designees may verify and add their existing partnerships on the registry. Note: District divisions/offices provided preliminary partnership data to be verified by school principals.
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Office of Partnerships and Grants